What sets us apart?

  • Technology:  We stood out in Silverdale for five years as the only dental practice to offer same day crowns, and are one of the two or three general dentistry practices on the Kitsap peninsula to utilize a Surgical Microscope for performing root canal therapy procedures.
  • Hands-On Approach:  Dr. Pollard is among the minority of dentists nowadays that does much of his own lab work. Examples include: cosmetic wax-ups (mock-ups in wax of what him and his patients would like to see their teeth look like after a cosmetic procedure), denture set-ups (Dr. Pollard does most of the lab work himself in the process of fabricating dual-phase dentures for his patients), same day crown lab work (Dr. Pollard does not utilize his assistance for the critical steps of crown design, staining, and glazing, but does all these steps himself).
  • Award Winning Dentistry: In the past six years, Dr. Pollard has been voted Best Dentist in Central Kitsap two times, and has also been voted Best Dentist for the entire Kitsap Peninsula in 2011.
  • Utilization of Dental Hygienists: We are firm believers in the utilization of these clinicians in the periodontal care of our patients (young and old). Currently, we have four highly trained Registered Dental Hygienists practicing in our clinic. Each individual hygienist has a unique style of practice, but each also shares our common philosophy of treatment. This variety in personality and styles is a huge advantage over smaller practices, and should allow for a pairing for each patient according to their preferences.
  • Continuing Education to the Extreme:  Dentists in Washington State are required to complete only 21 hours ours of continuing education training per year. Dr. Pollard is currently completing over 100 hours per year of advanced continuing education courses. In 2011 he completed over 150 hours of training in dental implants which included 50 hours of intensive live patient training placing implants and learning state of the art bone grafting techniques. He also completed 50 hours of training on fabrication of dentures using the dual-phase denture technique. We are excited about the next chapter of continuing education in the coming year, which will include over 100 hours of training in IV Sedation.
  • Implant Placement:  Dental implants represent the most exciting advance in dentistry in the history of the profession. Techniques and materials are changing rapidly in a branch of dentistry that is still in its infancy.  We are on the razor’s edge of this cutting edge technology offering CT guided implant placement, Bone Morphogenic Protein Grafting, and Crestal Sinus Lifts.  These newer, but proven techniques are allowing us to more predictably and more painlessly place implants into difficult areas.
  • “No Drill, No Shot” option for early cavities:  We are also one of the few practices statewide to utilize a new technology that allows us to treat many teeth without the use of the standard “drill and fill” techniques. If some of these areas of decay are caught soon enough, we can now treat many of them without removing any tooth structure. This means no anesthetic is typically required, nor is any drilling required for this procedure. A cavity starts and continues thru the process of bacteria on the surface of the teeth consuming simple carbohydrates (e.g., sugar) and in the process producing acid which removes minerals from the tooth. The process continues, and bacteria continue to move thru these new voids in the tooth structure, deeper and deeper into the tooth. The revolutionary material utilized in this procedure is capable of infiltrating, filling, and sealing off these voids left within the structure of the tooth, entombing, starving off, and killing bacteria within the cavity. Conclusive research conducted over the last 10 years has proven that this conservative technique is capable of stopping the progression of these cavities.