Futuristic Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns: The High-Tech PRESENT of Restorative Dentistry

A few years back a long-term patient of the practice gave me a book. It’s always cool to get gifts from patients, especially when they are dentally themed. I have received many “dental presents” from patients and family over the years, and have a whole bookshelf of history of dentistry books. They are neat to look through as well, but this one had topped them all. Not only was it a book based on dentistry…it was a dental science fiction book! The book chronicles the adventures of a dentist, Dr. Dillingham who is picked up by aliens who are in need of dental work. Ha!

Around the same time I was given this cheesy fictional glimpse into the space-age future of dentistry, I was in the middle of making a major transition in the practice that would put us at the crest of the wave of dental technology.  It was so new to dentistry that sounded almost like science fiction. The technology is called CEREC (short for “CEramic REConstruction”). At the heart of the system is the ability for dentists prepare a tooth for a crown, fabricate the crown, and bond the crown all in the same day.  

We have now been utilizing this technology for almost five years, and it is one of the most exciting changes we have made in the practice. These crowns:

  • Fit incredibly precisely, 
  • Provide beautiful esthetics,
  • Are made of the strongest porcelain available in dentistry (lithium di-silicate, or e.max porcelain)
  • Are metal free, and therefore more biocompatible
  • Cause less wear to surrounding teeth and restorations than conventionally made porcelain crowns
  • Do not require us to take impressions (or molds) of the teeth
  • And are typically completed in one day (therefore, no temporary crown is needed)

How does a same day crown procedure go?

The first fifteen minutes of your appointment we will review your medical history, get your tooth numb, and take any necessary x-rays or photographs of your tooth. Next, Dr. Pollard will use the CEREC Camera to take three-dimensional before pictures of your teeth. A powder is sprayed on the teeth prior to imaging, to allow the camera to see the shapes of the teeth more accurately. We then get to work removing decay, and shaping the tooth to prepare it for the crown. Finally, after pictures are taken of the tooth. This first appointment typically takes around an hour.

We then will give you a break to go relax, run some errands, or grab something to eat while we are busy fabricating the crown.  Two hours later you then will return for the crown seat appointment. We bond your new crown in place, and the procedure is complete! You and your hi-tech crown are now ready to head back into the galaxy!